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Imagine having a box that could do it all, with some help of course. Litter box, check. Cat bed, check. Side table, che…wait, what?! Yup, our wooden cat litter box can do all that, and sing too! (That last part was a lie, obvs.)
Even though it can’t sing your cat to sleep, the Dyad Wooden Cat Litter Box can provide your feline all the privacy they desire as they take care of business, nap the day away, plot world domination, converse with the underworld, or simply do number two. And while your cat is busy inside the box plotting ways to destroy your home, or just using the bathroom, you can allow the peace and quiet to lull you into a false sense of safety.
Remember how we said the litter box can even be used as a side table? The onyx charcoal body and mocha wood veneer doors makes this furniture piece elegant and versatile enough to blend in with any décor. Well it looks so good you could place it your living room, decorated with some succulents and candles (for your cat to knock over), or in your bedroom as a side table. It’s even made with eco-friendly materials, rounded ouch proof edges, and an escape hole on the side so your cat can make a quick getaway. The inside of the litter box is water resistant so it won’t get soaked or damaged if your cat has an accident. The only catch, it doesn’t come with a cat bed or litter tray. But we know that you’re the expert on what your cat likes, and probably have the perfect ones picked out for them already. You genius you. *It also comes in three different colours as well, woo!


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