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You work too hard at a job you can?t stand to come home and find your favourite pair of shoes chewed up and thrown about your house. The only thing worse is finding that drool waiting to greet you on your pillows. Yikes.
Now imagine having a crate that?s stylish and keeps your dog out of trouble to boot. Our minimalistic, shame-proof Radius Wooden Dog Crate is crafted with a crisp white body and smoky grey trim providing a stylish solution that fits both you and your dog?s aesthetic. It even doubles as a side table, the perfect space to place some succulents and dog treats. It truly is Insta worthy, but it also has some other great benefits.
This furniture piece is made with environmentally-friendly materials. It also has a secure lock, that opens with one touch, to keep your precious pup in place while you?re out. The breathable mesh windows on three sides let them see their surroundings and chill. The rounded curves do more than adding a modern look, they also provide protection from pokes and scrapes as your dog climbs in and out of the crate. Best of all, the inside of the crate is water resistant, so it won?t get soaked or damaged if your pup has an accident. It?ll keep them secure and out of trouble while you?re at work, just don?t forget to take them out for some fresh air when you come home!
So now that you?ve found a wooden crate that keeps both your shoes and bubby safe. Sit back and enjoy the music. [victory music plays] *It comes in three different colours and sizes as well, woo!


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