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Enjoy a state of the art cooking experience with the White Farmhouse Cooker. Cooker comes with both boiling plate and simmering plate to whip up delicious meals and making cooking easy. Decorative timer is located on one door to make sure meals don?t get burned. Comes with five cooking accessories: two pans and three cooking utensils. Take innovative design and functionality to the next level with Teamsons play kitchens. Choose from kitchens that offer a fantasy feel or kitchens that resemble mum?s very own! Whichever your like, we offer something for your exceptional taste. Made from sturdy, high quality wood, our kitchens are built to last through all of the holiday feasts you wish to make! Our story begins with a father who expected more from his children?s toys and feel that good design and affordable price don?t have to be mutually exclusive. Our passion is to create a smile in our little ones and by fun play ignite creativity in all children so they can discover themselves and explore the world through play. Our products meet safety and quality standards across the board to ensure your child is safe and can make the most out of the product.


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