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Your dining table is one of the most versatile surfaces in your home. It can be used as a craft table, a desk for you or your children to work and study, or as a wet bar for your guests to mix up a drink for themselves and grab some refreshments during your party. And of course, it’s where you and the people you love most come together for food and conversation. With so many purposes, shouldn’t your table be a beautiful and inviting piece to gather around?

The Minimalista dining table is designed to provide a stylish addition to your dining room, without overpowering the space. The simple wood effect metal legs have a natural beauty and provide a stable support to the glass tabletop, which gives the table a light and airy, contemporary feel. With a simple, minimalistic design, this table adds a quiet touch of beauty to your space, while keeping the focus on the people who are gathered around it. For the modern adult, minimalism is more than just a decorating style—it’s a way of life. Many people today are paring down on the excess and focusing on simplifying their lives. But a minimalistic lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. The Minimalista collection from Versanora offers a chic look with a minimalistic design that was inspired by the shapes and colors of the mid-century modern era, when minimalism was at its peak. The dining chairs in this collection come in a variety of colours so that you can find the exact look you need for your home. Mix and match the colors, or get an identical set to go with our stylish Minimalista dining table. However you pair the items in this collection, they’ll provide the simple functionality you need, with a touch of postmodern flair. For today’s fashionista living a minimalist lifestyle, the Minimalista collection is designed to suit your modern life. Versanora mixes the mid century style with simplistic modern style. Great fit for bedroom playroom or living room at your home.What does life mean without celebrating beauty everyday little things. Symmetry clean lines and simple complexity? Why not daring and exploring? We’re still young in our journeys. Let’s make the most of it and be ourselves. Dare to try. Make your mark. Take iconic design and beautiful aesthetics to the next level with the Versanora Range.


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